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Debunking The Myth That Riding Isn’t A Sport

We ride horses for enjoyment, for excitement, and for sport. Actually, whether or not riding is a sport is a rather controversial topic. If I had a penny for every time I heard that riding wasn’t a sport I would be rich. Some say that it can’t be because the horse does all the work. Others say that it is surely mistaken and that it actually takes a lot of physical strength and skill. So today I am going debunk the myth that riding is not a sport. Continue reading


The Importance Of Horses In Today’s Society

In the past horses have done a great deal for us. They have carried us to war, plowed our fields, and been a main source of transportation. They have, without a doubt, been one of the most influential animals in history. However when cars, train, and tractors were invented many horses were out of a job. So, how do they contribute to today’s society?  Continue reading

Faith, Ruby, and Hope

6 Horses That Got Another Shot At Life

It was a Thursday when Seeds Of Hope Youth Ranch was notified by the police about 4 horses and 2 miniatures that were in a sever neglect situation. Russ Krook (founder of the ranch) was shocked with what he saw. “The deputy took me back, showed me where the horses were and my head said run, but my heart said no, I couldn’t.” Russ says. Continue reading


Basic Pasture Maintenance: What You Need To Know

Spring is officially upon us; the birds are chirping, the horses are frolicking, and the grass is growing. Anyone who has owned or taken care of a horse knows that spring time means that is time to start managing the fields. Health fields are essential to the mental and physical well-being of a horse. A horse that has a good place to be turned out is more stable in weight, energy, and overall happiness. So here is a guide to the care and upkeep of a healthy field.

Continue reading